Utsavi Gajjar · Jul 6, 2021

Ens.Alert: How to invoke Ens.Alert from <catchall> in Business process

Hello All,

I am exploring Ens.Alert to generate alerts for Server exceptions.

I noticed that in the business operation, if you have your code inside try/catch and if your catch doesn't explicitly invoke $$$systemerror then Ens.Alert is not invoked.

Similarly, in the Business process if you have <catchall> then Ens.Alert is not invoked on error.  How can I invoke Ens.Alert from <catchall> ? 

Another thing I noticed is, if I dont catch exceptions in BO and BP and have "Alert on error" ON for both, if there is an error in BO, 2 alerts are generated for same error,  one from BO and one from BP. Can we avoid 2 alerts for the same error?

Thanks heaps!


Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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I haven't actually tried this, but I suspect it's as simple as creating a message of type Ens.AlertRequest, populating it, and <call>ing Ens.Alert asynchronously in the <catchall>.

Or maybe insert an <alert> action?

Thanks Jeffrey. <alert> was it.  Do you know if there is a way of catching errors in a DTL ?

The <transform> action seems to hide the return value of the call to the DTLName.Transform() method, but you should be able to call it in a code action and obtain it:

Set xform=##class(My.DTL.Class).%New()
Set tSC = xform.Transform(SrcMsg, .TgtMsg)

If there's been an error, tSC should tell you what it is ...