Jose Tomas Salvador · Dec 22, 2021

Enhancement Requests, Ideas and Innovations

Just wanted to give visibility to a place in GitHub where everybody can publish Enhancement Requests, Ideas and Innovations that would be great to have in our InterSystems Technology ecosystem.

If you want to add your enhancement request, or take a look and see if there is already there and vote for it, contribute, etc..., click on this link. That doesn't guarantee that Product Management decides to go on that direction, they have to balance many things to decide our products roadmap, but having the direct input from our Community is invaluable.

Come on! Go for it and make your suggestions!

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Thanks, Salva!

Also in this link, you can see the progress of ideas implementation:

In 2022 we plan to introduce a standalone site where every developer, registered on DC will be able to add and vote for product enhancements, add-ons and innovative ideas!