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Enable access to the Web Gateway/CSP Gateway settings management page from any client

InterSystems FAQ rubric

The Web/CSP Gateway management page is typically configured so that it cannot be accessed from client machines.

To access from any client, do the following:

  1. Launch a browser from a system with access to the Web/CSP Gateway management page and access the Management Portal.
  2. Under Management Portal > System Administration > Configuration > click CSP Gateway Management.
  3. Click Default Parameters that appear in the left pane of the page that appears.
  4. Enter *.*.*.* in the system management machine and press the Save Settings button.

However, from a security perspective, allowing any client access to the management page is not recommended.

We recommend that you limit the number of clients who have access as much as possible.

The following formats are available for specifying the client address.


The above example is a simpler version of the following statement.


You can also use wildcards, as in the example below.


For details, please refer to the document page below.
Security considerations on the web gateway management page [IRIS]
Security considerations on the CSP web gateway management page

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