Adel Elsayed · Sep 22, 2021

embedded sql select locks

i noticed -by reading .INT files of one class- that some of embedded sql select statements code blocks translates into code that uses lock command.


even if i use %nolock in the select, still cursors and arrow referencing notations "->" have the same results.

Product version: Caché 2017.1
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Good morning Elsayed. Forgive me if I'm not understanding everything, but is it possible that the %NOLOCK keyword just telsl the IRIS locking mechanism to ignore all locking requests from this query. That might be an easier thing to implement than not putting them in the INT code. Just a thought. Let me know if I'm right or wrong. And good luck with it.

Can you identify what is being locked? Is it possible the lock is on something internal, and not the table itself?

i am sure lock is on the queried global