Electronic signature capture

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Is anyone out there using Cache to capture electronic signatures? The device would have to be called from a telnet session.

Thanks in advance,

Eamonn Fox


Could be many different solutions on electronic signatures. So, would it be better if you can give more details about what exactly are you going to achieve? 

What do you mean by "capture electronic signatures"? Why you need it, and how you going to use it?

Hi Dmitry,

We were looking to connect a device (the one shown below) allow our staff to save customer signatures for goods and safe them in a png or jpeg file. Unfortunately, although the vendor provided us with an ActiveX file, cache couldn't use it. What we were looking to know if anyone has used a similar device which cache can talk to, and who supplies it.


Wow, thats actually very different from what I expected.

So, now it depends, what is your application right now. If your application is a WEB Based, or textual terminal application it will be very different.

If it is a WEB, so, I think you can try some TWAIN libraries, as this device should support twain.

Or, it looks like it can just export image files somewhere, where you can just catch them.

Can you give some more details about your application and expected workflow?

Hi Dmitry,

I am trying to get this work on a textual terminal (I have gotten it to work with a web page). I have already been in contact with Intersystems, and we have tried to get it to work using the ActiveX component supplied by the vendor. But it crashes the system, and the vendor says they don't support cache. So I was looking to see if anyone had got  a device similar to the one below to work with cache.

I wouldn't even tried to use ActiveX by now as it outdated already.

So, telnet access means, that all work only on server side. While user and such device should be somewhere else, and to get access from server to this device, you should use network. Is it correct?

Yes, we are using a network to connect our users.

So, how you going to connect these devices to the server for control?

I'm sure if you will find somebody here who already did the same task, even when you have to do it from server-side.

This task quite interesting and so tricky, I would like to help you to realize it, please contact me directly, I hope I can help you.

how you going to connect these devices to the server for control?

Is it a problem to connect to server any device which supports some kind of TCP based protocol?

This device uses USB to connect to PC, and some tools for communication. So, looks there are some ways how to do it actually.

Sorry, I've just misunderstood the remark "The device would have to be called from a telnet session" thinking that telnet protocol would be used to communicate with the device.

Anyway, if one just Google "USB 100BaseT converter", many solutions will be found.

My understanding is that the Caché application is terminal based (accessed on the client PC through telnet).

The signature device connects to the client PC using USB.

So the question/challenge is for the terminal-based application to send a request to the signature device when a signature is needed and to receive the signature image.

Seems like you need a daemon running on the PC which uses the signature device's SDK to communicate with it. The daemon would then exchange messages with Caché to manage the signature process -- possibly via web services or web sockets.


The solution you suggested can be possible, but seems to be much more tricky than use of some USB/Ethernet converter. We done it many times connecting laboratory devices with interfaces of different types, such as RS232 / RS422 / etc.

Agreed, if it's a simple protocol like ASTM that would be a better option.

I was assuming that the device is using something complex like SCSI-over-USB like scanners do, or some proprietary protocol based on USB bulk transfers -- something that requires a driver on the PC.