Sabino Scarpelli · Apr 13

Editing lookup tables from outside HealthShare

Is there a way for users that do not have access to HeathShare have the ability to update a specific lookup table?  Looking for maybe a webpage, API, interface option.  Any examples or just pointed in the right direction would be great.




Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Yes, I was able to create separate roles, and copy the existing Data Lookup pages, locking the users down to only being able to access that particular page for their lookup tables. There are two class files that would need to be created. 

1. Filter Dialog if you want to limit the users down to their particular tables.

2. A copy of EnsPortal.LookupSettings - which will limit users ability to get to other places within Ensemble. 

I haven't tested this in IRIS just yet as we are in the process of moving to IRIS.