Scott Beeson · Oct 12, 2016

Duplicates for EVERY HS.Message.PatientSearchRequest?

If I run SELECT * FROM HS_Message.PatientSearchRequest ORDER BY ID Desc every row has a unique ID but every other row is an exact duplicate.  Why would this be?

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I found that half of them have a value in the RequestId column and the other half don't.  All other columns are identical.  What is the cause/reason for this?

I wasn't able to reproduce this result on my system so I can't be sure, but here are some thoughts:

1) It could be that incoming PatientSearchRequest on your system are immediately forward to another component that also forwards them with little or no change, creating two very similar PatientSearchRequest objects. Try going to Ensemble > Message Viewer and looking through the trace diagrams of PatientSearchRequest coming in through HS.Hub.HSWS.WebServices to see if a pattern like this exists.

2) Check the HS_Message.PatientSearchRequest_AdditionalInfo table for more information about each patientsearchrequest

Looks like it's something to do with our custom consent.  I don't completely understand it, but if I limit the SourceConfigName to HS.Hub.MPIManager it obviously eliminates the duplicates.

Just out of curiosity, which part of HealthShare are you running these queries? Are you looking on the Access Gateway, Edge Gateway, Registry?

They all use the same message structure, but in different parts of the "request/response" cycle. The "facing the outside world" context is the Access Gateway, the rest are more "internal to Information Exchange" propagating of the request and motivating the various parts to gather the response, so it's quite likely that (as Justin mentioned) there can be replications of the message content into "new message" records that are NOT actual "new requests".

When you look directly at the SQL table outside of the context of the complete message trace (i.e. a "Session") it should be expected that you will see what appears to be exactly the same content in multiple messages in the table.

I'm simply fumbling around in my never ending quest to find holistic queries that answer basic questions.  Right now I'm querying the registry.  I don't have SQL access to the buses or hsaccess and we have dozens of edges so that isn't convenient  Since the ATNA log is 600+ million rows and takes hours and hours to query (and decypher), HSREG is really my only option.

I can reproduce. Like someone said before, I get one message going from the business service to the MPI manager and then a second one, exactly the same, from the MPI manager to the HSPI operation. Nothing strange.

Yeah, I realized if I join this with the ens_message.header table I get the "source" and "target" configs and they differ which makes more sense.

Thanks for confirming what I'm seeing though.