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You don't need to create a special Trak login to access the clinical viewer editor (which is still labelled "TrakCare" in many places even though this is the name of a different product). You can use a normal HealthShare/Cache login plus a default Trak login and password:

  1. Go to http://localhost:57772/csp/healthshare/hsaccess/web/default.htm.
    You will need to change the hostname and port to match your system, and may need to change "hsaccess" if your access gateway namespace has a different name. Use Internet Explorer if you will need to access the Layout Editor as well.

  2. Click the "Login" Button.

  3. Enter a HealthShare/Cache username and password (e.g., _SYSTEM or the user that installed the instance).

  4. On the next login screen that says, "InterSystems TrakCare" enter hs for the username and demo for the password.

There usually isn't a need to customize this Trak login/password, since the viewer is secured with the first login screen.

I'm not familiar this specific problem. Health Insight issues involving custom SDA extensions can be tricky, and your set up might need to be reviewed by a support advisor as part of a WRC issue if no one here knows the answer. Also, since various known bugs have been fixed in recent HI versions, could you provide the full version strings of both the Health Insight and Information Exchange system you are working with? After an MPI link, an update should be sent to HI for the non-surviving AnalyticsID that has no patient data, indicating it should all be removed. You could see if these are actually being sent, and if so, why the system isn't deleting at that point.

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