Thembelani Mlalazi · Nov 28, 2019

Does IRIS have %Library.CachePopulate

I have a class that inherits from %Library.CachePopulate and when I try to compile that class in IRIS I get an error does anyone out there know if this has been decapreated or the equivalent class please, in 2018.2 I can see the class in the documentation but in IRIS there is no reference to it

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Hi Thembelani.

See InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide (available in WRC -> Online Distributions -> Docs)

%Library.CachePopulate was renamed to %Compiler.Type.Populate

Hi Jenna Poindexter

Yes %Populate exists but that's not what I am referring to the above is the correct answer  by Alexander Koblov. I was referring to this class %Library.CachePopulate not what you are pointing me to