· Oct 11, 2016

Does anyone know what SearchMode is for a PatientSearchRequest?

The values are PIXPDQ, user and admin.  What exactly do these mean?

I'm trying to do some correlation and look at the class source but I thought I'd post here too.

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*wish I could post an answer*


I found the following in HS.Message.PatientSearchRequest.cls:

 /// Search modes user - regular patient lookup, admin - mpi patient lookup no consent applied,
/// clinician -- mpi patient lookup, no consent applied, limited to patients with a pre-existing relationship with the clinician
Property SearchMode As %String(DISPLAYLIST = ",User,Admin,Clinician,Participation,AuditReport,PIXPDQ", VALUELIST = ",user,admin,clinician,participation,AuditReport,PIXPDQ") [ InitialExpression = "user" ];

Still not sure what PIXPDQ means but I assume it's for non-clinicalviewer searches.

I think what you are looking at (for PIXPDQ) is any query or process that needs to check/cross-reference the MPI will use the Information Exchange Registry and the consent manager (part of the Registry) and will need to know the "User" (to get consent group info) or whether this is query/process will be using the "Consent Override" (no consent applied - "admin"?) or is an audit process, etc. I believe this is where the "Searchmode" is coming in. I think the HealthShare documentation on Information Exchange Registry will give you a better idea (obviously replace my "localhost:57774" with your own machine name and port) here is the link to the local docs...


Hope this helps.

We don't have HealthShare documentation on our central servers for public consumption, so you will have to look at your HealthShare instance documentation. From the HS symbol in your systray click and select Documentation and if that fails then it is likely that your documentation service has been disabled. If that is the case then please call our FRC or open a WRC case to have an advisor help you.