· Jun 21, 2021

Do you use InterSystems Change Control tools (CCR)? If so, we would like to offer you a free certification exam voucher for your input.

Hello All,

InterSystems Certification has designed another certification exam and we need input from our community to help validate the exam topics. Here's your chance to have your say in the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a certified InterSystems CCR Technical Implementation Specialist should possess. 

Here's the exam title and the definition:

InterSystems CCR Technical Implementation Specialist

A development professional who:

  • Uses Tier 1 CCRs to document and process change workflow
  • Makes code changes in their Integrated Development Environment of choice.
  • Makes changes to interoperability components in the Management Portal.
  • Transports/Deploys code changes to environments

Recommended Preparation for the exam

  • Take InterSystems Change Control: Tier 1 Basics training
  • Read PDFs of selected slide decks
    • ICC courses applicable: 100, 110, 200, 310, 330, 400, 420, 450, 510, 530, 540
  • Independently progress at least 20 CCRs and/or approximately 6 months full time usage

So, how can you help? If you have 20-45 minutes to fill out a task survey, you can help us rate each exam topic based on your experience. By completing the survey you will earn one free exam voucher ($150 value) for any InterSystems Certification Exam!

Additional conditions for free exam voucher:

  • You must fulfill the exam profile listed above
  • The task survey must be completed by July 6, 2021
  • The exam voucher must be redeemed by July 1, 2022

Interested? Please contact the Certification Team at

Thank you!
InterSystems Certification Team

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