Maarten Van den... · Sep 12, 2017

Different SessionId between %CSP.Page and %CSP.Websocket



We are having a problem where sometimes a websocket connection started from a CSP page does not share the same SessionId as the CSP page itself. We are also using ECP and can see that both sessions are often even on different application servers.

Is there any way to force a websocket request to go to the same server using the same CSP session as the page it's being called from? We have already tried with passing the CSPCHD GET parameter containing the value of %session.CSPSessionCookie but that does not seem to have any effect.




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Hi Maarten,
sorry for the late reply.

What versions of Caché/Ensemble and CSPGateway/webserver's you are using?
Is there a Load-Balancing configured in between?
Is the websocket-connection using same web-app-path than csp-page?
Is it reproducible? How often does it happen? When does it occur? On first/initial websocket-connection or sometime changing in between?
Why is that causing you a problem?

It's very hard to say more with that limited information you've provided so far.
I would suggest you to contact WRC online since i believe this needs a deeper look and investigation.


Hi Maarten,

is this still an active question or are you all set?