Did we just get an update to the DC software?

The colour scheme seems to have changed from green to blue, perhaps to be more in line with ISC corporate image.

Anything else new?

UPDATE: information has since been posted here.

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Hi, John! 
Yes, it is. I'll post the release announcement later. 

Hope you like new color scheme. I do )


Looks like something broke. I tried to use the "Last answer" link to see what you said:

But this is all it gave me:


I'm seeing this happen with every "Last answer" and "Last comment" link that I've tested in the Developer Community Feedback group. I haven't seen the same problem with those links in posts in other groups.

Yes, that's a bug, filed. It seems it happens only in groups view. Thanks!

Agreed. I see it from other Groups views, but not from the homepage list of posts.