· Oct 28, 2021 2m read

Developing state of the art web apps with Node.js (QEWD-Up) back-end + NuxtJS/Vue.js front-end

I wrote a step by step tutorial in the qewd-howtos repository how you can write state of the art multi-page web apps with Node.js using a QEWD-Up WebSocket/REST api back-end integrated with a mainstream web framework like NuxtJS & Vue.js. In particular with the latest NuxtJS/Vue.js frameworks, writing web applications becomes fun again, allowing you to write your applications very efficiently, hiding all boilerplate code from you.

The tutorial should be very easy to try out on your development machine and consists of two parts:

You can simply clone both demo setups from GitHub and run them on your development machine using Visual Studio Code where your IRIS/Caché development instance is running. The demo is kept as easy as possible, but it contains all major steps you need to start writing real-life apps.

Some screenshots:

  • the NuxtJS 3 back-end running on Node.js:

  • The QEWD-Up back-end running on Node.js + IRIS/Caché:

If you have remarks or encounter issues, please create an issue in the relevant GitHub repo!

Happy coding and post your comments below what you think!


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