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Deleting data to Caché by using ODBC connection from Appeon PowerBuilder

In my previous articles I demonstrated the steps to connect, retrieve and save data to Caché from Appeon PowerBuilder by using ODBC.
In this article I will demonstrated how to Delete data from Caché with Appeon PowerBuilder ( by using ODBC 

I am using Company.cls from Samples-Data (

So Let's start:

Step 1 : First of all we need to establish a connection (

Step 2 : We need to create datawindow object which will link to Company class.

From File menu select New and select Freeform datawindow object from DataWindow Tab


Step 3 : Select SQL Select from data source list


Step 4 : Select from Tables list


Step 5 : Select desired columns from column list and press Return


Step 6 : This will open a design view. Save the datawindow as d_company_entry after desired adjustments

Step 7 : Make sure to de-select id column from undated columns list and select id from Identity column list as id will be generated automatically from Caché


Step 8 : In the window control add datawindow object(d_company_entry) which we already created to datawindow control


Step 9 : Add Retrieval Arguments to retrieve the data based on ID, for this we will add (From menu Design > Retrieval Aurguments) in our datawindow control


Step 10: Add newly added parameter in where clause 

Step 11 : Retrieve the data based on ID by using datawindow control function Retrieve(ID)

Step 12 : Delete record by using datawindow control deleterow() function, This is same like %DeleteID class method

That's it. ID 21 is deleted


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