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Retrieving data from Caché with Appeon PowerBuilder by using ODBC

In my previous article I demonstrated the steps to connect to Caché from Appeon PowerBuilder by using ODBC.
In this article I will demonstrated how to Retrieve data from Caché with Appeon PowerBuilder ( by using ODBC

I am using Company.cls from Samples-Data (

So Let's start:

Step 1 : First of all we need to establish a connection (


Step 2 : We need to create datawindow object which will link to Company class.

From File menu select New and select Grid datawindow object from DataWindow Tab


Step 3 : Select SQL Select from data source list


Step 4 : Select from Tables list



Step 5 : Select desired columns from column list and press Return


Step 6 : This will open a design view. Save the datawindow as d_company after desired adjustments

Step 7 : In the window control add datawindow object(d_company) which we already created to datawindow control


Step 8 : Now all we need is to call datawindow control Retrieve() function after setting the transaction object

That's it.

Below is the final snapshot after retrieving Caché data with Appeon PowerBuilder by using ODBC


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