William Glover · Nov 30, 2022

Deferred Response Error

When recieivng a response and calling SendDeferredResponse I get the warning below and no response is sent.


No Return Queue - Unable to send deferred Response to Request 12537165


When the initial request comes in I am calling DeferResponse but the message never goes into a state of Deferred.

How do I resolve this warning and get the response working?

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Hi @William Glover 

Could you post a snippet of your code that defer the response and the code that sends the deferred response?

Hi @Cristiano Silva ,

It was due to the TCP operation I was using which did not have DeferResponse property set to enabled.

I was unsure what was causing this error as the logic for defering the reponse was nested in the process, as  a result I thought the issue was there.