Deepsee Web - It's not taking the changes made in Dashboard

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Hi community,

  I made changes in a Dashboard, linking one widjet  to another, but these changes didn´t  refresh in DSW (Deepsee Web). What I have to do ? 

  Thanks a lot.


  Jaqueline Krieger



Hi Evgeny,

 I have a dashboard with two widjtes and I linked like showed in the  the picture below:


 My doubt was if I have to do some action to appears  this change in deepsee web, because in the past I made changes in a dashboard and automatically appears in DW.

Changing the matter, I want to know if it's ready the version 3.0 of DW. How I can get this version ? Because it will fix some issues that I need.

Thanks for your help. 

Jaqueline K.

Hi , the figure below shows the error when I use the filter. I will try to download the new version to see what it will happen.