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Thank you, Sylvian!

What is the easiest way to export global in xml format to let it be imported than in Studio by drag-n-drop?

Thank you in advance!

To export globals in XML format, use $system.OBJ.Export :

d $system.OBJ.Export("DeepSee.TermList.GBL","/data/TermList.xml")

One caveat about transferring globals between namespaces / instances using XML format is that by default when you load the XML into the target namespace the global(s) in your XML file will be pre-killed. In other words, it's a "replace" operation rather than a "merge" one. This may be exactly what you want in many situations, but if you've been used to using other utilities to export and import globals then it's different.

To override this behaviour, add the "/mergeglobal=1" qualifier during your import, for example as the second argument (qspec) to $system.OBJ.Load(), which is of course the Load classmethod of %SYSTEM.OBJ.

See more qualifier documentation here.

Murray, thanks for this! I want to add that you can import global in xml in ANY Caché system either for 8 bit or Unicode.

And it's not the option for a .gof file