Daniel Buxton · Aug 1, 2019

DeepSee security issue

Hey Guys, 

Have enabled DeepSee on my cache db via 

Do EnableDeepSee^%SYS.cspServer(0)

I have created user with access to a profile with all the %Deep_See options (%DeepSee_Admin, %DeepSee_Analyzer etc etc) as well as %All.  I have also added %All to unknownuser

When click the DeepSee page and choose a namespace Architect, Analyzer, Reporting Data Definition and Reporting Builder are all greyed out with 'you do not have privilege to view this page

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Do you have DeepSee in license? Please provide output of

do $system.License.Decode()

License Type=Concurrent User
Licensed Users=10000
Licensed Cores code=0
Authorized cores=unlimited
Extended feature codes=004100
     DeepSee Run enabled.
     DeepSee Visual Reporting Execute enabled.


you don't have DeepSee Model and DeepSee Analyze enabled in "Extended feature codes". That's why these menu options are grayed out.

Check with InterSystems Sales to get a license with these bits enabled.