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Dear @Sylvain Guilbaud 
As this is the oldest unanswered question I found I'll give it a try:
One of the most attractive features of DeepSee is its close link to the Caché (now IRIS) database using 
the DSTIME mechanics for updates.
With an external linked DB you don't have this "built-in" support.
Other DB's have similar features but including them requires some "art work".
And that doesn't seem to happen so often.

On the other hand the question was never expired nor closed.
It might happen that new results (almost 5 years later) show up now as it moves to the front.

J'espère que tu vas bien et en bonne santé!  yes
Salutations de Vienne,

Robert (toujours actif) wink

Hello @Robert Cemper,

thanks for your reply on this 5 year question surprise

My question was more on references using Data Connectors on production.

We can update cubes based on external tables using data connectors through ProcessFact().

Sinon, je vais très bien, je te remercie et j'espère qu'il en est de même pour toi. En voyant ton infatigable activité, je devine que tu vas bien.

Salutations de France,