DDL for collection properties

Caché, SQL

How do I write DDL script for collection properties?

For example I want to create the following class:

Class SQLUser.Person {

Property Name As %String;

Property FavoriteColors As list Of %String;


My DDL script looks like this:

CREATE TABLE Person (Name varchar(50), FavoriteColors ???)


In general, "list of ___" properties don't play well with SQL.   Looks like we just present the list as a string.

Using the Generate CREATE TABLE statement feature of WinSQL for Sample.Person gives:

    FavoriteColors VARCHAR(4096)


Pass-through if No DDL Mapping is Found


CREATE TABLE Person (Name varchar(50), FavoriteColors %Collection.ListOfDT)

CREATE TABLE Person (Name varchar(50), FavoriteColors %List)

CREATE TABLE Person (Name varchar(50), FavoriteColors %ListOfDataTypes)