· Sep 10, 2020

Data migration From DB2 to IRIS

I'm looking for any  reference documents on migrating about 3 TB of data from DB2 to IS IRIS Healthshare..  I've looked through the IS  documentation  and SQL gateway, or TSQL are some of the methodologies mentioned , was wondering  if anyone had done this type of migration before, and can provide any pointers.

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Hi Mark,

can you be more specific on the nature of the data and possibly application that's going to be migrated? HealthShare is more a suite of applications with standardized data models underneath, running on top of InterSystems IRIS for Health. To ingest data into HealthShare means transforming it through its APIs, whereas IRIS for Health is more comparable to a relational database like DB2.

SQL Gateways allow mapping tables in remote non-InterSystems databases (such as DB2) to IRIS so they can be accessed as if they were local. That can be helpful during migrations as well as heterogeneous production environments. TSQL is a specific set of extensions of the SQL language used by Sybase and MS SQL Server that we support to ease migration scenarios for new customers with applications written in TSQL.

hope this helps,