Dmitry Maslennikov · Jan 16, 2020

Custom Login Page for IRIS

When I tried to migrate one of ZEN applications to IRIS from 2018.1 I'm faced with the issue with Login Page, in this case used some ZEN page, completely customized. But when a user tries to get access, he gets the error like below.

The requested URL /csp/user/User.Login.cls was not found on this server.

I tried to test it with a fresh just created login page class

Class User.Login Extends %CSP.Page

ClassMethod OnPage() As %Status
  Quit $$$OK


Set it to /csp/user application as Login page, and

$ curl http://localhost:32784/csp/user/menu.csp
<TITLE>Not Found</TITLE>
<H1>Not Found</H1>
The requested URL /csp/user/User.Login.cls was not found on this server.

When I change my Login class to 

Class User.Login Extends %CSP.Login


Just extent system Login page, and it does work, shows login page as expected.

Well, %CSP.Login class in has some methods which documented as can be overridden

/// Provide a default login and security-token pages for CSP applications.

/// User can override the look of this page by creating a subclass and

/// overriding the DrawTitle method and the LOGINTITLE parameters.<br><br>

So, let's try to override DrawTitle method

Class User.Login Extends %CSP.Login

/// Draw the title section of the login page.<br>
/// <var>pTitle</var> is the title for the page.<br>
/// Users can override this method to customize the login page.
ClassMethod DrawTitle(pTitle As %String)



And the login page was not found again.

I use docker version of IRIS built by InterSystems. And I managed to get it worked only when I set public read permission for %DB_USER in case of user namespace. And I'm not sure if it is a good and right way to solve the issue. Does anybody know how correctly configure IRIS for custom Login page?

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Web Gateway user (CSPSystem) should have permissions to read database where custom login page is located.

Enable events logging in Audit, reproduce the NOT FOUND error and you'll see events logged.

Yes, first screenshot illustrates what I said.

CSPSystem tries access User.Login in USER database, but fails.

Give CSPSystem role that has resource protecting user database.

Close all connections from Web Gateway to IRIS.

Try again. It should work