Mark Sharman · Dec 9, 2022

Custom Component Label Headings


On adding two new custom settings to a process, i'm looking to improve the labelling on the component so that it includes spaces, i.e ("Archive Path" instead of "ArchivePath").

I've looked at the following article, specifically at the suggestion:

set ^CacheMsg("EnsColumns","en","ArchivePath")="Archive Path"

I've attempted this in the namespace hosting the production, but the labelling doesn't appear to update on the component. I've looked in the documentation but couldn't find any specific reference and I was unsure if the above code is still relevant for later versions?

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
$ZV: Build 215U
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Hi @Mark Sharman

In the Iris, the global where localized labels reside is ^IRIS.Msg("EnsColumns"):

This global is mapped from ENSLIB database that is read only, You can't set value to this Global. 

Uncheck the Mount Read-Only option, save then you can set the value of global:

I recommend that after you finish the configuration, comeback ENSLIB database to read only.