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csvgenpy - Import any CSV into InterSystems IRIS Using Embedded Python!

Hi folks!

Just want to introduce you a new util to import CSV into IRIS - csvgenpy!


USER>zpm "install csvgenpy"


do ##class(shvarov.csvgenpy.csv).Generate("file or url","table","schema")


USER>do ##class(shvarov.csvgenpy.csv).Generate("","titanic","data")

This will create table and class data.titanic in IRIS and will load the data.  you can proof it with:


[SQL]USER>>select * from data.titanic

[SQL]USER>>select * from data.titanic

1. select * from data.titanic

passengerid survived pclass name sex age sibsp parch ticket fare cabin embarked

1 0 3 Braund, Mr. Owen Harris male 22 1 0 A/5 21171 7.25 S

2 1 1 Cumings, Mrs. John Bradley (Florence Briggs Thayer) female 38 1 0 PC 17599 71.283299999999996998 C85 C

3 1 3 Heikkinen, Miss. Laina female 26 0 0 STON/O2. 3101282 7.9249999999999998223 S


So that's it!

Basically it does the same thing as csvgen does, but uses python library sqlalchemy which works because of embedded python and sqlalchemy-iris by @Dmitry Maslennikov 

P.S. csvgenpy can import some "complicated" for csvgen csv as this one. Basically it can import any kind of csv.

Feedback and Pull requests are very welcome!

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