CSV to HL7 transform test problem

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I am putting together a new interface to take in a CSV file and output an HL7 message.

I have used the record mapper to create the source class and I am putting together the transform, but when trying to test it I am not seeing the data populate the HL7 as intended.





Also.... if I put a <DatofBirth> in the tester, it shows up in the HL7 as I would expect..... that's what really has me scratching my head here.



I believe you may be missing a counter variable which you could test by simply putting a 1 in the property shown in your first screenshot i.e.


Also, for ease of reading I generally convert the field names to the corresponding location so if desired the above could be


I hope this helps.

That was it... thank you Christopher !!   And thank you for your suggestion about the field names, makes perfect sense and I will follow that recommendation :)