Marykutty George · Sep 13

CSPServer [css] Error setting up server


Can I please check if anyone knows what the following alert means: 

[Utility.Event] ISCLOG: CSPServer [css] Error setting up server $ZE=<DISCONNECT>Request+3^%SYS.cspServer2 ns=%SYS rtn=%SYS.cspServer2

Thank you for your help. 

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Hi @Marykutty George 

Generally this message means that the Client disconnect from server because the request took to long time to reply.

See documentation description:

Thanks @Cristiano Silva  

Is there any way to get more information on this alert from the system ? I can see these alerts in message log but it is not very clear from the alert which client connection was disconnected or anything else.