· Feb 4, 2020

Crystal Reports returning a Database Vendor Code 30

I am developing a viewer for Crystal Reports using the Crystal Reports for Visual Studio (CR13SP26).  I have also installed the latest ODBC Drivers for Cache, but when I connect some reports to the Cache database using a connection string, I get an error that I failed to retrieve data from the database, and it reports the Database Vendor Code 30.  Has anyone used Crystal Reports connecting via a connection string and received this error?  If so, how did you correct it?

Thank you,

Brian Cromwell

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Thank you for responding to my question.  Looking in the xDBC Error Log in the Management Portal, it provided the name of the Table for which it was looking.  I found that the as I provided the new connection string for the report, Crystal Report was removing the schema from the tables and they were defaulting to "SYSTEM".  I finally found another method to set the connection string that would not remove the schema from the table QualifiedName in Crystal Reports.