· Nov 7, 2023

Creation of namespace and database using CLI

Hello everyone,

I am attempting to implement continuous integration using Docker with Caché 2018.1, and I am in the process of creating an image for our client. I have already installed Caché 2018.1 on the RedHat server, but I am working on a script to create the database and namespace. For the database, I used the following code:

do ##class(SYS.Database).CreateDatabase("/usr/cachepoc/cache2018/mgr/poc/")

However, I have encountered some issues with this code. For instance, I am unable to view this local database in the portal's list:

In the end, I have tried various approaches to create the namespace programmatically, but I haven't been able to resolve this issue.

Could someone please assist me in finding the correct command to create a namespace and explain why we are unable to see the database that was created in the portal's list?

I am aware that we already have some images with InterSystems IRIS, but the client is not ready to update the database at this time.

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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This command will only create file CACHE.DAT on Caché, or IRIS.DAT for IRIS, and to be able to see it in portal, you have to create Config.Database as well

But, I would recommend using %Installer Manifest, it's available for many years, and in Caché as well

The simplest installer would look like this

XData setup
  <Default Name="Namespace" Value="IRISAPP"/>
  <Default Name="database" Value="irisapp"/>
  <Namespace Name="${Namespace}" Code="${Namespace}" Data="${Namespace}" Create="yes" Ensemble="no">

      <Database Name="${Namespace}" Dir="${mgrdir}${database}/data" Create="yes" Resource="%DB_${Namespace}"/>

You can find more examples on GitHub