· Dec 2, 2019

Creating and associating a batch class with a recordmap


I have a record map and batch class being passed to an EnsLib.RecordMap.Operation.BatchFileOperation.

They are designated as INFORMATION.FPL.Record and INFORMATION.FPL.Header

After reaching the operation it errors out with this message : ERROR <Ens>ErrGeneral: Quitting with error on Message body 5@INFORMATION.FPL.Record / 54 because Status 'ERROR <EnsRecordMap>ErrNoBatchParent: Record with class 'INFORMATION.FPL.Record' and Id '54' doesn't belong to a batch' matched ReplyCodeAction 1 : 'E=F' resulting in Action code F

Some screen grabs are attached of my configuration.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance


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