Sebastian Thiele · Mar 7, 2019

Create user Role to access only certain namespace in ensemble


I am trying to create a user role which shall allow users the access to only one specific namespace in an Ensemble system. I´ve startet creating the namespace with a database (with own ressource and no public access). In the second step I´ve created a role by copying it from the predefined role %Developer and assigned the ressource of the created database. After that i´ve created a user and assign him to the created role.

When trying to login to ensemble - the management portal comes up but the Ensemble tab is showed deactived. Looking in the audit protocoll I am getting the typical PROTECT notifications telling that user is not permitted to access a protected global in the cachelib database.

I am wondering what would be the correct approach to create such a role if I want to allow users of this role only be able to access a certain namespace/database without having the concern that they may access other namespaces/databases. I´ve already read the docs on that but somehow I seem to miss something.

Has anyone a suggestion for my issue?

Kind regards,


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Hi Eduard,

already did this. the role %Developer should already include the %EnsRole ressources. Even assigning them to the created role manually gives me that error when logging in. Somehow as part of the login procedure, the cachelib db is accessed. Even if granting the ressources of cachelib the error remains.

kind regards,