John Murray · May 25, 2016 1m read

Couple of glitches on Atelier's integration with server-side source control class

I'm pleased to see the new Source Control menu in the recent 1.0.165 build. This gives me access to the features of the same server-side source control class as Studio has always supported. It is particularly relevant for our Deltanji source control tool.

Our class makes use of CSP to serve up some dialogs through which the user controls the source control operation. Two observations so far:

1. In Atelier the window you display our CSPs isn't resizable. In Studio it is.

2. Atelier isn't detecting the page we send that's supposed to close the dialog. This works in Studio, but in Atelier the window remains and shows the following:

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Hi John,

Thank you for your feedback. We'll address these issues very soon.

I previously hadn't been aware of the syntax, but found it documented here (along with more details about Studio Templates). It looks like we do support this in Atelier for templates themselves (Tools > Templates), but not yet for templates launched from Studio extensions. This should change.