· Nov 2, 2020

Correct way to use Encounter.ActionCode = "C"?


I was tring to figure out the correct way of using action code = c under <Encounter>, but havn't got much progress. Here is what I tested and observed:

Quote from the class reference doc: 
D = Delete this Encounter and any other Streamlets linked to it via EncounterNumber
C = Clear all Encounters for this Patient and any other Streamlets linked to them via EncounterNumber

Scenario I tested with: 1 patient with 4 encounters: when I put ActionCode equals "D" using 2008257 as Encounter Number(basically I just added <ActionCode>D</ActionCode> under <Encounter></Encounter> in the original SDA3 file), the singluar recored is deleted as expected.  After this encounter is deleted, I imported it again.

But when I tried to pass "C" to action code to try deleting 2008257, although many deletion alerts could be observed in message viewers: but nothing seemed to be deleted, I could still see this encounter in patient search.

What was even more weird, after the "C" action, I could no delete any of the encounters using "D" unless I imported the corresponding encounter again.

Looking for your input.

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