· Apr 27, 2023

Configure IRIS ODBC connection with Windows authentication using a specified domain account rather than default IRIS server account

Hi experts

I'm trying to configure an IRIS ODBC connection with "Windows NT authentication using the network login ID". I have created the System DSN as below:

and user (PROD\test) in the SQL Gateway connection 

However, as the error message suggests, IRIS is trying to connect with PROD\svc_mist, rather than PROD\test configured above. 

Is there anyway to configure the ODBC connection with specified account with Windows Auth method? 

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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No. If you have Windows NT authentication enabled to connect to SQL Server then SQL Server ODBC driver uses OS user that executes irisdb.exe process. That's the same use as configured to run service IRIS.

If you'd like to use different user for authentication , then choose SQL Server authentication and specify that user and its password in SQL Gateway connection settings