· Oct 12, 2020

Configure File Service to retrieve a file every 10 minutes

I have a file passthrough service that should check for new new files every 10 minutes, process them and then wait again for 10 minutes, even if there are new files waiting in the source directory. The "CallInterval" value feels like a wrong tool for this need since it would keep the service "locked" for a maximun of 10 minutes before releasin resources.  Is there a better way than CallInterval to schedule the service to poll for files every 10 minutes?

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Hello Mikael,

What do you mean by locking resources? I think Call Interval should be appropriate for the behavior you want, but I'm not sure what complication you're referring to.

A common suggestion here might be the Ensemble schedule handler, but I'd not recommend that as per the documentation this isn't intended for specifying specific processing times, but activation windows for the interface. The documentation also discusses creating a more general scheduled task and having it call CreateBusinessService() and ProcessInput() but this would be much more involved than just using Call Interval.