· Dec 26, 2019

Computing Axes in DeepSee Dashboards

Is there anyway to improve the performance of the display of DeepSee dashboards?

It takes minutes to do the cell calculations of computing the axis members.

Any direction or help would be appreciated.



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Hi Lawrence,

I suggest opening a new WRC with Support. Here are a couple first step diagnosis options that can be helpful, but without a deeper understanding of the DeepSee Engine, it may be difficult to debug or correct the issues.

1) Run MDXUtils and produce a performance report.

This tool will kill your DeepSee Cache and then execute the query. It will log statistics about the query and the cube. It then runs the query a second time which will use the Cache that was just generated. Depending on the query, this can often be much faster.

2) Run DeepSeeButtons.

This will give a snapshot of your entire DeepSee environment. It will also look for recommended configurations and alert if the recommendations are not followed. For example, if the Database your Cache globals are stored in is journaled, this can negatively impact query performance. Lots of globals are modified during query execution, so it is recommended to not have this journaled. If DeepSeeButtons detects that the Database your DeepSee Cache is in is journaled, it will create an alert.

As I mentioned earlier, it is probably a good idea to contact Support, but these are two good steps to start with (and the WRC will probably ask for these as well)