· Nov 8, 2016

Compile Date

Hi All,Can you please any one tell me how to find the last compilation date of routine.

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When a MAC routine is compiled it generates and compiles an INT routine. When an INT routine is compiled it generates an OBJ routine.

Here's one way to get the $H-style timestamp of when an OBJ was last written. In my example it's the OBJ of the RightTriangle.MAC example in the SAMPLES namespace:

write $$DATE^%R("RightTriangle.OBJ")

You can also make use of %Library.Routine. As John pointed out a MAC routine will generate an INT routine, so if you have a situation where a MAC routine is saved but uncompiled you should check the INT code.

You can use the LastModifiedMethod(), here is an example

   set myRoutine =  ##class(%Routine).%OpenId("MyFavoriteRoutine.INT")

   write myRoutine.LastModifiedMethod()

If you are working a lot with routines, %Library.Routine has more functionality which you might find useful.

In addition to the Terminal-based methods of getting the last compilation date, you can also use the Management Portal web browser UI.  

If you go to Home -> System Explorer -> Routines, there is a UI that allows you to Search for your routine and display some information about it.  The UI displays the Name, Compilation Date, and Size of the routine.  

For example, when I searched for *test.mac, my routine was displayed with the following info:


           Name                         Date                                  Size       
         Routinetest.mac    2016-11-15 11:24:03    26        Code (link to code)


Just make sure you're looking in the correct namespace/database.