· Oct 20, 2022

Compilation information for classes

Hi All,

Is there any cache command which can give who all has compiled a classes from the day it has been created. Specifically I want the 2 information username and time of compilation of class. 

I tried with $$DATE^%R("TEST.1.INT"), but it only gives the last compilation time.

Thanks in advance !!

Product version: Caché 2017.1
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Another possibility might be to see if there's been backups of the routines being saved. It won't give you the "who" but it could at least give you the "when" a routine was modified & compiled.

You could use the 'Global Lister' and check the rBACKUP global. Here's an example (you may need to tinker with the the global lister input - taking a deeper dive into the ^rBACKUP global may help):

Right margin: 80 =>
Screen size for paging (0=nopaging)? 24 =>
For help on global specifications DO HELP^%G
Global ^rBACKUP("TEST","INT",,0)

or maybe

Global ^rBACKUP("TEST.1","INT",,0)

To really get all the functionality you're looking for, you may need to set up a version control system like git or somesuch.

Hope this helps!