· May 16, 2018

Collect TrakCare's datas

Hey everyone, 

Here's my issue, I would like to develop a web application which use and send datas to TrakCare app, but I really don't know how to communicate with TrakCare's datas. 

With a little research, I think I could use "RESTForms" or "EnsembleWorkFlow" but I don't really get how...

Can somebody help me and tell me the way forward ?

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Even though LabTak is not really covered in this group let me give you a little insight into how LabTrak works:

The LabTrak data is stored in a number of globals. There are a couple of key globals that you need to be aware of:




^TEPI contains all of the LabTrak Episodes and within each episode there is a sub-array of Test Sets and within that a sub array of Test Items.

The global structure was designed in pre-cache Objects and so the globals use delimiters to separate one field from another. Once you can navigate through the global structure you will find that the fields either contain data (String, Integer, Boolean etc) or they contain codes that point to one of about 50 code tables.

All of the logic of LabTrak is written in cache Objectscript routines. 

Most of the routines are hidden in the sense that the source code is not installed, just the compiled code. However there are some callable entry points into the key areas of the application.  Depending on what you want to do there are appropriate labels that can be called that will retrieve data, insert, update or delete data. You really don't want to play with these routines unless you have been given training by Trak or the InterSystems Trak Sales Engineers.

The data structures (globals) have been mapped to classes and so there are classes for all of the different logical components of the database. You can run sql queries against these sql tables but you absolutely do not want to use insert, update or delete sql statements. All updates to the database are controlled through the entry points I have mentioned before.

For basic retrieval of data your best bet is to use the table definitions. You need to create an InterSystems ODBC DNS to connect to the LabTrak database and once connected you can then view the various schemas and the tables within them. You can then write sql select statements to get the data you are looking for. I would recommend that if you want to access data in LabTrak you should use the Disaster Recovery mirror of the LabTrak database. The DR database(s) are real time copies of the production database and most reports are run against the DR data rather than production. LabTrak is a very extensive and complicated application and is very finely tuned by the Trak experts to run at optimal efficiency and with proper data integrity. You don't want to be running SQL queries against the production database as you will potentially affect the performance of the system by running large sql queries. It is far better to run these queries against the DR servers. The system operators would need to give you access to the appropriate servers and secondly bear in mind that you are working with sensitive, confidential patient data and that must be respected at all times.

Every LabTrak sites has customer specific routines that can be edited. These customer specific routines contain 'insert', 'update' and 'delete' methods and you can write code in these labels to pull data from the database and use it to create HL7 messages for example or create entries in a queue that can be processed by an Ensemble Production

The application supports HL7 interoperability that can be used to pass HL7 data into LabTrak and generate HL7 result messages to send out fro LabTrak but again you would need the appropriate training to understand how that functionality works.

As has been mentioned in one of the other replies your best bet is to connect with you LabTrak Project Manager or Sales Engineer to find out more and to find out what training material and documentation exists

Good Luck