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Hi All,

I tried using the Test-Coverage-Tool and it is providing the code coverage for all the classes except for BPL,DTL and Rules.

I tried the following two scenarios to confirm the same:
1: Added a method for in a DTL class and then the code coverage for the DTL is shown only for this method but not the XData of the DTL that contains the transformation mapping.
2: I tried passing the INT routine 'tCoverageRoutines' for '##class(TestCoverage.Manager).RunAllTests()' for the DTL, BPL and Rules but the XData was not covered as part of code coverage.

I am trying to build an HL7 production that mostly contains Rules and DTL and would like to get code coverage for these classes as well.
Hence, could you please share your views on the same?

Hi Joaquin,

As Evgeny told, we solve lint check using CacheQuality, which is a objectscript plugin for SonarQube. We also integrate it on Caché Studio, Atelier and VSCode, so you can have a first check on your development tool.

We also integrate the Test Coverage Tool, so you will have the full project view from one point!

Please, check https://www.cachequality.com/ to have a more complete view, or contact me for a demo. I will be pleased to show you how it works!