· Nov 29, 2023

Cloud SQL

I want to connect the app to Cloud SQL but when I registered and created the deployment (trial) I got the error:

Did anybody face such an error?
During the creation of an account, there was a message like 'username is taken' but the account have been created anyway. Maybe it could cause this problem.

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Hi @Iryna Mykhailova , I'm sorry your students had a bad experience setting up a deployment in the preview environment. We have indeed found some glitches along the way, and have prioritized fixing them in the main code branch that's on its way to GA, rather than patching the Developer Access Program environment.

Great to hear though you're thinking of promoting this to your students. When we are GA, it would be great to see them test this out, not least the Cloud IntegratedML piece that's quite unique to IRIS.

as @Ben Spead pointed out, we are currently having issues with eu-central-1. In fact, the Developer Access Program should only have shown the us-east-1 region but at some point in syncing with the portal for our GA cloud services that option slipped back in. This said, the DAP environment is a preview system and we're getting close to releasing a GA version of InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and Cloud IntegratedML, based on feedback and experiences from that preview, including those at the hackathon.