· Oct 10, 2023

Clean license usage on Community Edition

Is there any solution to how to purge the usage of the connection in Community Edition?

I have a working portal, where can't do even any simple SQL Query


Why? Because somehow I've exceeded a license limit (pardon, connection limit, when it comes to Community Editon)

So, this page shows, 8 users ate all connections

This page is useless, 0 connections in use

And this page is useless too, even when I have matches from the usage list, I can do nothing with


Recently, I posted an idea, to make Community Edition limited by resources, not by connections, it would help a lot, but it's marked as Future Consideration (I read it as, never going to happen). So, please vote for it, if you agree wish it too.

Product version: IRIS 2023.2
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server LTS for ARM64 Containers) 2023.2 (Build 227U) Mon Jul 31 2023 17:43:25 EDT [Health:5.1.3]
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Hi @Dmitry Maslennikov ,

Yesterday I experienced this kind of problem with web socket.
To limit the license usage, I did this : 

Class dc.journalindexer.WebSocket Extends %CSP.WebSocket

Method OnPreServer() As %Status
    Do %session.Login("wsuser",,1)
    Set ..SharedConnection = 1
    ; ... some lines of code
    Quit sc

Method OnClientMessage(
	data As %String = "",
	close As %Integer) As %Status
    ; force logout and EndSession on disconnect from client
    If $Get(close) = 1 {
        Do %session.Logout()        
        Set %session.EndSession = 1
        Do ..EndServer()

	Quit 0