Thiago Andrade · Dec 3, 2021




How to clean cachetemp/CACHE.DAT, without cache restart?

I have the procedure to clean cachetemp/CACHE.DAT in my scritp stop/start cache, but, in some cases, I need to clean this base without restart.

It's  possible?

Product version: Caché 2017.1
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It would not be safe to clean just everything there, on the fly. Alive processes may have expected some data in there.

The best way to solve it, to keep it cleaned well. You should try to figure out which globals have a bigger size. And if it's are part of your app, you may try to figure out which one could be cleaned safely and at what time. 

You expect something rather impossible.
every temporary SQL query result, every Temp.Stream all PPG (^||glob  ) reside in CACHETEMP for all Namespaces and every process.
What you ask for would require ALL simultaneously running processes to remove their related contents.

I fact this means not just stopping all processes but forcing them to terminate.
in other words to shut down Caché   BTW. it's the same for IRIS.