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I am trying to use the  LogicialToDate method in the %Library.FilemanDate class.  In the class documentation it talks about the parameter STRICTDATA (see below).  I would like to set the STRICTDATA to a 1 but I am not sure how to do that when using this method because the method does not reference this as a parameter to be passed into it.  (see below).

How do I set the parameter?


parameter STRICTDATA = 0;

1/0 flag which determines if the LogicalToFormat conversions will process imprecise logical FileMan Date values Default setting is STRICTDATA=0 Parameter affects the generation of the LogicalToDisplay and LogicalToOdbc methods When STRICTDATA=1, imprecise or invalid dates will not be changed to a valid FileMan Date value. For example, if Logical FileMan Date value is 31110, when STRICTDATA=0 this will translate to 3111001 (Sept 01, 2011). If STRICTDATA=1, this transformation will not take place and the invalid/imprecise Logical value will get an error when converted to Display or Odbc format.
• classmethod LogicalToDate(%val As %Library.FilemanDate) as %Library.Date
Converts FILEMAN format DATE (CYYMMDD) to %Date format DATE (+$H)



Datatype parameters can be set as properties parameters.

In your case you have a property somewhere:

Property myDate %FilemanDate;

You need to modify it like this:

Property myDate %FilemanDate(STRICTDATA=1);

And recompile the class.

Thank you for your answer but I don't have a property that is using the %FilemanDate as a datatype.

The situation is that I have code which is reading a data file that contains a field for the date birth which is in a Fileman format and the code is trying to convert it to $H, thus the code is calling out to the##class(%Library.FilemanDate).LogicalToDate() method.  However the data in the field is sometimes bad and when calling  the method it errors.  We were thinking that if the STRICKDATA was set to a 1 it would either try not to convert it or it would return a null string.  It would error more gracefully. 

I know that I can add code before calling the method to make sure that the DOB I pass in is the correct Fileman format and is a valid date but I was hoping that the method/class could handle that for me.    However I can't figure out how to set the STRICTDATA parameter.



Extend %Fileman class:

Class MyFilemanDate Extends %FilemanDate {

Parameter STRICTDATA = 1;


And call it: