Brian Dunlap · Sep 17, 2018

class Ens.Queue visible to ODBC?

I would like to make the EnsQueue class visible to the Intersystems ODBC client.   It appears it must be included in the SQL-visible classes first.

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What do you want to do with that information over ODBC?

Display queues with contents in a separate application.

I can run the query statement from the portal > SQL  window, or by selecting the stored procedure.

However the wizards > Data Export function fails with a CSP error, so at the moment I can't figure out how to export the query results.

(Healthshare 17.2.1)

Or, another approach - write the query results to a file.

How do I use the 'USE IO WRITE' command to send the query output to the selected device?

To get queues list call:

Call EnsPortal.Queues_EnumerateQueues()


FROM EnsPortal.Queues_EnumerateQueues()

I think it could be a separate question:

How to export data returned from stored procedure.

Thanks for the update.

We created a workaround involving creating a file of enumerated queues.  Much more elegant to just have the Ens.Queue class visible from an ODBC connection....

This is a bug in Sql import & export from Intersystems. There is a quick fix to it. You can call them and ask for it.

set io="c:\temp\test.pdf"
open io:("nw")
use io write tRequest.HttpResponse.Data.Read()
close io

I am creating a pdf file from a http request. Obviously you can change all these