· Feb 23

Can python fhirpy fhir be used to get a list of patients from my end point that has a particular diagnosis and or insurance?

Newbie here...

I am looking to use fhir to gather patients in our end point that have a certain diagnosis and or certain insurance.

Is this what fhir can be used for?

In the past I have done the normal SQL query/extract to CSV file.  Looking to use fhir for this for future.

Thanks in advance for your time


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Sure you can, for example to retrieve all the patient with an observation based on the code : 8302-2

[FHIR EndPoint]/Patient?_has:Observation:patient:code=8302-2

More info here :

For the python part have a look at this git :

It's a simple example how to use python client to interact with a FHIR server.

For fhir-py to create the same query use raw search :

Last but not least, check out our neat implementation of SQL On FHIR aka FHIR SQL Builder

Demo here :