Dmitrij Vladimirov · Feb 3

Can not pass variable as argument to a classmethod after colon from Url="/Example/:Variable"

When requesting /MDX2JSON/PivotVariables/Patients?Namespace Patients shoud be passed to a method but its not. When argument passed directly into the method it works.

<Route Url="/PivotVariables/:Cube" Method="GET" Call="WritePivotVariablesForCube"/>

Has something changed in IRIS and this syntax is deprecated, or is there a bug and the colon is ignored? What could it be?

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Product version: IRIS 2022.3
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Yeah, this may happen if Recurse flag is not checked for REST application. IRIS hides this flag for REST, but it is still in use, so, you would need to switch to CSP/ZEN, mark Recurse, and return back to REST