Call a Procedure with PHP

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Hello everyone,


I am searching, but i cannot find a way to call a Procedure in Caché with PHP. Using .NET we have the Intersystems.Data.CacheClient.CacheCommand and we make a call in a Procedure. How i can do the same in PHP?




Hi @Flávio Lúcio Naves Júnior !

Have you seen the IRIS PHP module and Caché PHP modules?

I don't see Classmethod API call there but there is 'xecute' command, so you can call the procedure.

Also check the related article by @Sergey Kamenev 

And this is open source, so you can add it if you want.

Great stuff!

just a few years to late for me but good for future projects


I faced a similar issue some years back.

As PHP is so close to web servers I decided to use a WebsService to call the ClassMethod aka Procedure.
It was easy on both ends and I could avoid the ODBC module (at that time only 32bit)

Hi Robert,

Do you know some article who teach how to create the Web Service to make a call? The Caché PHP module, didn't work for me, because works only locally.


sorry. this was done by a PHP developer back in 2008/2009.

the <Caché side was default from the wizard.

I have no idea about the details anymore.