David Satorres · Oct 22, 2018

%CacheObject on Iris - SOLVED

Hi all,

We are moving to IRIS our productions, and everything seems to go fine. But we are facing a problem because we are using the object %Library. CacheObject in some classes, and IRIS doesn't seem to recognize it. At the IRIS documentation ( the object is effectively removed, and I can't find the equivalent.

Has anyone faced this? Which is the new object in IRIS? 

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%CacheObject was replaced with %Compiler.Type.Object. But this class was and still for internal use, how do you use it?

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for your help, I've been able to compile the class and start the production.

We are using it in a legacy class meant help with the JSON. Anyway, it's working now :-)

Perhaps also worth noting that %CacheObject is often mistakenly used for what should have been %ObjectHandle or %Base. Scenarios where user code would really need %Compiler.Type.Object are indeed very rare and thus intriguing :-)